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Month: January 2019

Who am I, anyways?

I’m Mike Beller, aka M. Patrick Beller, aspiring science fiction writer. Here’s some more basic information about my embryonic writing career, in mock-interview form.

Aspiring? As in, non-published? That’s right. In late 2016 I started writing my first novel, tentatively titled Firebreak. It’s actually the first in a planned series. Firebreak is a better name for the overall series than the book itself, but I haven’t come up with a better name for the book, so it’s Firebreak for now. It took me two years of writing/editing/revising/etc. to get Firebreak and its 115,000 words to something I feel is good enough to send to prospective agents. I have yet to find an agent who is interested. So, if you are an agent who came across this site, I’d love to talk to you…

So you spent two years writing a novel and haven’t written anything else. Good plan. I did take a break in the middle of writing Firebreak to pen a short story, which I desultorily shopped around before going back to the novel. Now that the novel is complete for now, I plan to write some additional short stories and sell or self-publish them.

Why do you write science fiction? Because I like to ponder the future of humanity through character-driven stories. Yes, I spent too much time drafting corporate mission statements in my past life.