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An update

So it’s been eight months since my last post. I’m not sure I can keep up this blistering two-post-per-year pace. I’ve tallied another couple dozen rejections for my novel, which was fun. In early June I decided that perhaps a factor in these rejections was my complete lack of published works of any kind, so I decided to review a short story I originally wrote back in 2017 and self-publish it on Amazon. A combination of repeated cycles of editing with diminishing returns, procrastination, laziness, and life delayed this somewhat. Nevertheless, as of September 6 “A Brief History of the Tangani Colony” is available on Amazon (link). Check it out,.

I’m writing another short story right now, unrelated to the Firebreak universe. My goal is to get these two out, see how they sell, then resubmit the novel for consideration.

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  1. Susan P beller Susan P beller

    And I think I was your first sale of that short story! Great short story!

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