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Major (POV) Characters

While there are dozens of important characters in Firebreak, the most significant ones are those who tell the story from their point of view. These are:

Velywn Theus, an adventurer who specializes in obtaining rare artifacts from the Lost Colonies and smuggling them through the Firebreak for sale to the elite of the Confederation of Core Worlds. He is approximately 220 years old, being just wealthy enough to afford periodic life-extending rejuve treatment.

Sabrin Keldt, captain of the SpaceGuard cutter Tanganyika. She has served with distinction for decades, and is on the verge of an honorable retirement. She is also an old friend of Theus’, and has other connections that bely her squeaky-clean image. Keldt’s first appearance.

Kekio Chen, a SpaceGuard Lieutenant (junior grade) serving on Arboria Station. She graduated from the SpaceGuard Academy three years ago, but is stuck in a dead-end posting and yearns for excitement. Chen’s first appearance.

Sarryl Tarth, a wealthy tycoon of both legitimate and criminal enterprises, member of the elite, and Theus’ erstwhile employer. His exact age is unknown, but he has been through several rejuve treatments. He built his business empire up from humble origins, and now enjoys life’s simpler luxuries, like rooftop pools and apriquat cocktails. Tarth’s first appearance.

Xolly, a special operative in Tarth’s employ. She takes care of many of the less savory aspects of Tarth’s business. She was once a star in Tarth’s organization, but a recent failure has left her disgraced and looking for redemption. Xolly’s first appearance.