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This is the information page for Firebreak, my debut novel. It’s about 113,000 words, written/edited/revised between late 2016 and late 2018. I’m currently seeking an agent to represent this book.

Here’s a jacket-level summary of Firebreak:

“Fifteen hundred years from now, a nuclear cataclysm devastates the Lost Colony of Bilyenka.  Cynical long-lived smuggler Velwyn Theus is found at the scene and arrested. But this incident reveals Theus’ ties to a wide range of players, from organized crime to political leaders to members of the SpaceGuard defense force.  They are threatened by what he knows and will stop at nothing to silence him.

But Theus will not be silent.  The truth haunts him. He remembers his twenty years on Bilyenka, the people he helped, the woman who changed his life forever.  He knows how and why Bilyenka was destroyed — knowledge that could change the course of human history.”

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