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Rejuvenation Treatment

In today’s enlightened society, where need is unheard of and want scarcely felt, everyone receives the advantages of advanced medical care. But advanced treatments come at a cost, and the most advanced treatment — rejuvenation — is extremely expensive. Only the elite of the elite, the one percent of the one percent, can afford it. To be able to afford rejuvenation is the ultimate sign of societal success.

And for those who can afford it, the benefit is incredible. A single focused twenty-four hour session, followed by a few weeks of gradual recovery, can perform a systemwide neural regeneration, mass telomere extension, and structural repair. The net effect is to return the person to an approximate biological age of twenty-five.

Most individuals who receive a rejuve are so satisfied that, a few decades down the road, they choose to pay for another one. Why not, when you can be as close to immortality as humanity has ever come?

Of course, the treatment isn’t perfect. The effectiveness declines slightly with each successive treatment, a trend that markedly accelerates after eight treatments. Still, with a proper regimen, an upstanding elite member of Confederation society can expect to live for four centuries.