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The Firebreak Universe

This section contains supporting material for the universe that the novel Firebreak takes place in. Some of this is referenced directly in the novel, while other elements are directly referenced here.

Timeline: Firebreak takes place in the 36th century C.E. What took place in the intervening fifteen hundred years? This article summarizes major events during that period.

Wormhole Gates: These gates enable interstellar travel by taking advantage of shortcuts in the fabric of space-time. How does this work? To borrow ST:TNG Michael Okuda’s description of the Heisenberg compensator, “Very well, thank you.” Actually, not that well in practice. This article gives you some pseudoscientific background on the gates.

Confederation of Core Worlds: This is the primary interstellar governmental entity of the 36th century. Learn some details here.

The Tech Plague: A seminal event in human history, the Tech Plague occurred approximately a millenium before the events of the novel Firebreak, but its effects still loom large on human civilization. The details of this tragedy are obscure, but you may be able to learn some things here.

The Lost Colonies: Unknown to the general public in the Confederation, some humans outside the Firebreak managed to survive the Tech Plague. Learn about them here.

Rejuvenation Treatment: While most citizens of the Confederation have life spans just slightly longer than 21st-century humans, the elite have access to life-extension, commonly referred to as a rejuve treatment. Learn more about rejuves here.